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Ryan Myers & Taufiq Rahman to present How Data is Driving Manufacturing Innovation and Vehicle Autonomy at INSPIRE: AMC's Expo 2023

Monday, March 13, 2023

AMC is pleased to announce a new speaker session in its lineup for INSPIRE: AMC's Expo 2023.

Ryan Myers, Thrust Specialist, National Research Council Canada and Taufiq Rahman, Lead - Connected & Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Team, National Research Council Canada will present How Data is Driving Manufacturing Innovation and Vehicle Autonomy.

As a thrust leader for cyber-physical manufacturing within the Advanced Manufacturing Program of the National Research Council of Canada, Ryan Myers is responsible for providing steering and technical expertise with-in the domain of data-driven manufacturing. His background is in mechatronic systems, data analytics, and controls engineering with over ten years of experience in the domain. As a Research Council Officer at the NRC, he has been lead expert for many successful projects leading to developments in process optimizations and quality control for a wide-range of manufacturing processes by leveraging approaches fusing data and process expertise. Before his role at the NRC he worked as a Systems and Controls Engineer, designing and deploying industrial manufacturing systems and machines in addition to research and development of warehouse focused mobile robots.

Taufiq Rahman leads the research activities for the Connected & Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Team of National Research Council Canada (NRC), the largest research organization of Government of Canada. His previous experience involves perception and autonomous systems related engineering research & development for a number of organizations including Rolls-Royce Marine Ltd, Boeing Phantom Works, and Agile Sensor Technologies. He holds a masters and PhD degree in engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland, specializing in mechatronic system design, robotics, and machine vision. In his current role at NRC, he is focusing on a number of research topics involving transportation automation systems, such as multi-modal sensor fusion, robust perception systems, SLAM systems, C-V2X application development, driver intentionality prediction, and transportation infrastructure monitoring for the railway industry. He holds adjunct faculty status in the University of Western Ontario & the Ontario Technical University. He has been awarded more than 2M dollars in external & internal funding for his portfolio of current and recently completed projects.

NRC-London has over 25 years of innovation working with industry on manufacturing and automation challenges. Through our Automotive Innovation Hub, companies collaborate with NRC’s experts (scientists, engineers and technicians) to develop superior products and manufacturing solutions. The tour of the Hub will showcase our labs and world-class people:

  • Cyber-physical systems using robots and industrial control systems
  • Sensor systems for autonomous driving applications
  • Specialty coatings and surface functionalization
  • Micromachining, laser polishing and texturing
  • Directed energy deposition for additive manufacturing


Join us at INSPIRE a two-day event exclusive to AMC members. INSPIRE takes place April 26th and 27th at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in London, ON.

Don’t miss out – register today to attend!

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