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Supporting Canada’s agricultural manufacturing sector means a strong, more resilient economy

Friday, November 27, 2020

WINNIPEG, MAN., NOV. 27, 2020 — Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC) President Donna Boyd released a statement following the conclusion of the federal, provincial and territorial Ministers of Agriculture meeting:

“AMC thanks the federal, provincial and territorial agriculture ministers for recognizing challenges in the industry and committing to support labour issues and innovation. We look forward to hearing more and collaborating on ‘best practices on current and future competencies needed to support sector renewal, careers in the sector, new and changing technologies, and recruitment and retention strategies' as well as the ‘opportunities to support innovation and facilitate the deployment of technology to improve productivity and competitiveness.'

“Our sector produces the highest quality and most sought-out agricultural equipment in the world and is a key contributor to economic recovery and growth. As we look toward a post-pandemic economy and a new agricultural policy framework, AMC is calling on federal Agriculture and Agri-food Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau to prioritize growing exports and support for Canada's agricultural manufacturing sector.

These supports should include:

  •  Diversifying export markets and reducing reciprocal tariffs;
  •  Extending the Capital Cost Allowance deduction on manufacturing equipment;
  •  Updating the Copyright Act to reflect today's technology;
  •  Improving the portion of carbon tax revenues being rebated to SMEs in provinces where the federal carbon tax regime applies; and
  •  Developing initiatives to encourage young people to seek careers in agricultural manufacturing.

“Canada's agricultural manufacturers remain in a strong position to contribute to the federal objective of increasing the sector's exports to at least $75 billion by 2025. The right policies will enable Canada's innovators in the agricultural manufacturing sector to overcome today's challenges and continue to excel in their best competitive tradition as we rebuild a stronger, more resilient economy.”

AMC is a national, member-driven organization dedicated to sustaining a strong, viable and highly respected Canadian agricultural manufacturing industry. With over 250 members, our mission is to foster and promote the growth and development of the agricultural equipment manufacturing industry in Canada.

Donna Boyd, President, AMC

Twitter: @AMCshortlinecda

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