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Implement Success – Canada’s Changing Landscape in Agricultural Manufacturing

Monday, June 3, 2024

In our latest edition of Implement Success, we feature a selection of innovative members, aligning with the theme of Canada's Changing Landscape in Agricultural Manufacturing. We showcase their contributions to efforts across the country to develop the agricultural manufacturing industry. Additionally, we cover events like SHIFT: AMC's 2024 Convention and Trade Show and Elevate: AMC's 2024 Expo and Trade Show. Moreover, we celebrate members celebrating significant milestones and warmly welcome our newest members who have joined our community since our last publication.

Step into the vibrant world of Canadian agriculture, where innovation is a necessity. From Agri-Trade Exposition's local start to its global recognition, witness its evolution. Discover how Neeralta Manufacturing Inc. and Rapid 3D Ltd. are driving technological advancement. Learn about the pivotal role of institutions like Olds College or Agriculture and Technology and AIC Supply Inc. as they redefine industry standards. These stories offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of our magazine, celebrating triumphs and charting the course for an innovative future.

Discover an array of engaging content in our digital publication! Dive into Member Features, Innovation Spotlights, our breakdown of the upcoming Careers in Ag Mobile Skills Lab, and a look back at POWER: AMC’s 2023 Convention and Trade Show. Read more in the digital publication by selecting your desired article, or flip through cover to cover.  Don't forget to tag us if you share an article of interest! 

Featured in this edition: 
1.    Reflections from AMC’s Board Chair: page 5
2.    Thank You to Our Corporate Partners: page 6
3.    AMC Board of Directors: page 6
4.    Message from AMC’s President: page 7
5.    AIC Supply Inc. – Trusted Partnerships Spark an Unexpected Boom: page 10 
6.    SHIFT: AMC’s 2024 Convention and Trade Show Preview: page 12
7.    Spindustry – From the Warehouse to Your Touchscreen: page 14 
8.    Careers in AG – Unlocking the Future of Agriculture with the Careers in Ag Mobile Skills Lab: page 16
9.    Careers in Ag – Great People and Places to Work: page 17 
10.    Thank You to Our Careers in AG Sponsors: page 18
11.    Olds College of Agriculture and Technology – Expanding for the Future of Ag: page 20 
12.    AMC Innovation Spotlight: page 22
13.    POWER: AMC’s 2023 Convention and Trade Show: page 24
14.    Agri-Trade Exposition – 40 Years in Red Deer: page 27
15.    ROSTA Inc. – The Power of Product: page 28
16.    Neeralta Manufacturing Inc. – An Inch Wide, a Mile Deep: page 29
17.    Rapid 3D Ltd. – Taking Manufacturing to Another Dimension: page 30
18.    New Member Spotlight: page 32

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