Growing exports, fostering innovation and ensuring a strong workforce in the ag manufacturing sector essential for Canada’s economic recovery

WINNIPEG, MAN., NOV. 19, 2020. As Agriculture and Agri-Food ministers across the country meet tomorrow to discuss key issues facing the industry, Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC) calls on federal Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau to prioritize growing exports, fostering innovation and ensuring a strong workforce.
“Our sector produces the highest quality and most sought-out equipment in the world,” says
AMC president Donna Boyd. “Canada's agricultural equipment manufacturing sector is a key
contributor to economic recovery and growth.”

Canadian agricultural manufacturers, the majority of which are SMEs, export more than $2.3
billion a year in agricultural implements to 154 countries. Access to export markets remains
integral to a trade-oriented country like Canada. Navigating shifting global trade currents
successfully to expand export opportunities, diversify markets and reduce reciprocal tariffs on
the widest possible basis is essential for recovery.

Additionally, innovation in the agricultural sector is crucial to addressing many of the challenges
Canadians face, especially in a post-pandemic economy — from climate change to food
production. Support for Canada's agricultural equipment manufacturers are key to facing these
challenges. In order to foster more Canadian innovation in the agricultural manufacturing sector,

AMC recommends the following:
  • Extend the Capital Cost Allowance deduction on manufacturing equipment;
  • Update the Copyright Act to reflect today's technology; and
  • Improve the portion of carbon tax revenues being rebated to SMEs in provinces where the federal carbon tax regime applies.
Finally, having a skilled workforce is key to recovery and future economic growth. Making gains
in this area will require federal government leadership on a combination of measures and
initiatives focusing on co-op training, engagement with post-secondary institutions and possible
incentives to foster “workforce mobility” and encourage young people to seek careers in
agricultural manufacturing.

“Our members are ready and capable of strengthening and expanding Canada's innovative
economic capacity as we recover and rebuild from the pandemic,” says Boyd. “It is imperative
for the federal government to carefully balance its priorities that will help manufacturers
redouble their efforts to achieve long-term, sustainable economic growth — both for the
domestic and export markets.”


The Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC) is a national, member-driven organization
dedicated to sustaining a strong, viable and highly respected Canadian agricultural
manufacturing industry. With over 250 members, our mission is to foster and promote the
growth and development of the agricultural equipment manufacturing industry in Canada.

Donna Boyd, President, AMC

Twitter: @AMCshortlinecda