Agricultural Manufacturers Essential to Agri-food Supply Chain

  • By: AMC
  • On: 03/25/2020 13:11:46
  • In: News
Dear Prime Minister:
We write to you today on behalf of our 250 nationwide members who are part of the critical infrastructure of this country.
We applaud the steps that have been taken by your government thus far in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including this morning's announcement of $5B in additional lending to the agri-food industry. As we approach the precipice of the growing season in these unsettling times, this is vital
to our farmers. Equally as imperative, is ensuring that our manufacturers and their employees are deemed essential at this time of crisis.

In 2019, agricultural equipment manufacturer's exports alone represented $2.4 billion to 154 countries. These specialty products include air seeders, augers, blowers, combines and headers, cultivators, feeders, front end loaders, grain dryers, storage bins, harrows/tillage and packing equipment, haying equipment, land levelling and rollers, rock pickers, seeders, swathers, tillage equipment and trailers – and all the component parts associated with the aforementioned.

This equipment, and the parts and people necessary to service it, are essential at this crucial time of preparing for a new planting season. To this end, we call on you to make certain that supply chains remain open, thereby allowing farmers access to assets they need to grow, transport and store food that feeds our families.

We have the unique opportunity to unite as Canadians and demonstrate the power of collective action. AMC members are eager to contribute to the continuity of functions critical to the health, safety and economic security of this country and call on your support - by declaring our industry and those
employed by it, as essential. This key pronouncement is already underway in the United States, and it behooves us to be in alignment with our American counterparts.

Thank you for the hard work you and your government are doing to protect the well-being of Canadians during these exceptionally challenging times.

Very sincerely,

Donna Boyd
Executive Director

Frank Capasso, Board Chair
Vice President, Canadian Tool & Die Ltd.