Three new board members appointed to the 2017 AMC Board of Directors

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  • On: 12/16/2016 12:12:51
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Dec. 16, 2016: The Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada welcomed its new executive for 2017 as well as three new board members at its recent Annual General Meeting held in Calgary, Alberta.
The three new directors include Paul Horst of Horst Welding, Bob Cochran of Highline Manufacturing and Mark Hildebrand of Monarch Industries.

“As we go into year two implementing our strategic plan, it is exciting to see strong leadership continue and being added to the AMC board of directors. With these additions, the voice of the short line industry will be stronger in Canada.” said Leah Olson, President of AMC.

The full listing of 2017 board members is listed below:

  • Russ Klassen, Chair – Ag Growth International
  • Richelle Titemore, 1st Vice Chair, S3 Enterprises Inc.
  • Frank Capasso, 2nd Vice Chair – The CTD Group
  • Nigel Jones, 3rd Vice Chair – Seed Hawk Inc.
  • Linda Turta, Treasurer – RAM Industries
  • Geof Gray, Past Chair – Salford Group Inc.
  • Robert Ablamowicz, Assoc. Committee Chair – Axalta Coating Systems
  • Grant Adolph – Buhler Industries
  • Cor Lodder – Walinga Inc.
  • Cam Cornelsen – Norstar Industries
  • Bill Baker – Agtron Enterprises Inc.
  • Paul Horst – Tube-line Manufacturing/Horst Welding
  • Bob Cochran – Highline Manufacturing
  • Mark Hildebrand – Monarch Industries
 TOP ROW left to right: Cam Cornelsen, Linda Turta, Grant Adolph, Geof Gray, Bill Baker, Mark Hildebrand
 BOTTOM ROW left to right: Nigel Jones, Richelle Titemore, Russ Klassen, Leah Olson, Paul Horst


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