Celebrating Innovation In the Agriculture Industry

  • By: AMC
  • On: 08/05/2016 14:58:31
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August 5, 2016: As part of AMCs desire to highlight the great work being done by agriculture equipment manufacturers to help save farmers money and time, we partnered with Ag in Motion (AiM) and will host an innovation awards ceremony at the opening reception of the AMC Annual Convention and Trade Show.
The opening reception is Wednesday, November 30 at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel in Calgary, Alberta.

The AiM innovation program received 13 applicants in its 3 categories: 5 in the equipment category, 6 in crop and 2 within service. Judges are independent and AMC does not yield influence on which product, or company is selected as the winner of the AiM innovations program.

Each month until December 1st, AMC will feature one or more of the applicants to AiM Innovations Program in our monthly news.

Innovative Product:The LEGEND Wi-Fi & ISO Section Aware (S.A.) Blockage and Rate Systems

Manufacturer: AgTron Enterprises Inc. headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Category: Equipment

One of the innovations at the 2016 Ag In Motion show is manufactured by AgTron Enterprises who has served the agricultural community since 1982. Farmers have begun using seeders, which can turn sections on and off with automatic or manual control.

Many of these same farmers have realized that their AgTron Seed Rate and Blockage sensors will alarm when sections of the seeder are turned off. AgTron responded with the new LEGEND Section Aware (commercially known as the LEGEND S.A. System).

With a simple harness connection available for John Deere, Morris and Bourgault seeders, the LEGEND S.A. System will detect which hoses should have seed flow and provide rate and blockage information accordingly.

To provide accurate rate indication, the system must know which sensors are active. As an added bonus, sections which should not have seed flow, but due to a mechanical problem with the seeder continue seeding, are brought to the attention of the farmer.

There are two interfaces available for the LEGEND S.A.: ISOBUS and WIFI.The LEGEND ISOBUS module attaches to the tractors ISOBUS system to provide information on the tractor's virtual terminal.The LEGEND WIFI module connects wirelessly to an Apple, or Android tablet. Both interfaces provide information on seed rate and blockage, as well as confirming sectional operation.

AgTron is working with other seeder manufacturers and will have cable harnesses and interfaces for CNH, Seed Hawk and SeedMaster later this year.

Check out a video of the LEGEND S.A. System below: