Craig Klemmer -
FCC Sr. Agricultural Economist

Craig Klemmer is a Senior Agricultural Economist at FCC with experience in agricultural markets and risk. He specializes in monitoring and analyzing the macroeconomic environment, modelling industry health and providing industry risk analysis. In addition to his speaking engagements on agriculture and economics, Craig is a regular contributor to the FCC Ag Economist blog.

Craig came to FCC in 2009 joining the Portfolio Analysis and Modelling team. His previous experience included two years as Livestock Specialist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, and prior to that he worked with the Canadian Wheat Board. In 2010, Craig earned a master’s degree in agricultural economics from the University of Saskatchewan.

Rob Hannam - Client Director, Synthesis

Rob is an entrepreneur who specializes in consulting, strategic planning, and marketing. Much of his career has been spent in the agriculture and food sector – a passion that was cultivated while working on his family’s grain farm in Ontario, Canada. This has been further developed through his work with a wide range of agribusiness and association clients across Canada.

Rob’s presentation will focus on connecting with farm customers, and looking at how manufacturers can build and differentiate their brand in today’s constantly connected world.

Farmer Panel Session

Bruce Sargent, Farm Boy Productions

Panel Facilitator

Bruce was born and raised the eldest son on his families Jersey farm in Enniskillen Ontario. From a young age, Bruce was very interested in computers and technology. During High School, Bruce became very involved in Communications Technology and decided to pursue a Degree in Marketing Management at the University of Guelph. While at the UofG, Bruce started Farm Boy Productions, a media production company specializing in on farm video and photography. He noticed a gap in the ability of a city firms to service farm companies and work with farmers.
Because of his first hand farming experience, Bruce has built a reputation and connections with farmer and ag business across Canada. Farm Boy Productions is now in its 8th year of operation and works for clients like Farm & Food Care, SeCan, Holstein Canada, HJV, Farm Management Canada, Egg Farmers of Ontario, 4-H Canada, Synthesis and many more.